Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Wilder Blog-a-thon (closing ceremonies)

As the Wilder Blog-a-thon draws to a close, let me take this opportunity to thank all who took part. At was a great joy for me to read the all stuff submitted from bloggers both known and unknown.

Thanks to:

The Film Vitupertem

That Little Round Headed Boy

Windmills of My Mind


The Sophomore Critic

Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule

Eddie’s Blog-a-Thon Board

The Same Dame

Forward to Yesterday


Black and White World

An added note – If you missed the deadline, go ahead and send me your post anyway, and I’ll stick up a link to it.

Thanks again,



clydefro said...
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clydefro said...

Great to see so much attention for Mr. Wilder! He's my favorite director and I'd argue he's responsible for more genuine masterpieces than any other filmmaker.

As a complement to his movies on DVD (with Ace in the Hole coming this summer from the Criterion Collection), there's a feature length interview called Billy Wilder Speaks that Kino released last year. I wrote about it in my little corner of the internet and mentioned the Wilder-related sites I recently visited in Los Angeles.

(re-posted because I seem to have messed up the link the first time)

Jeff Duncanson said...

Thanks very much for stopping in. I am unable to access your blog, or I'd go in and check out what you wrote!

clydefro said...
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