Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Newsstand

Esquire, June 1965


Nick Zegarac said...

Decades ago some savvy publicist astutely commented about Bond that 'nobody does it better' - a phrase eventually picked up by Carly Simon for the hit song from The Spy Who Loved Me. This Esquire cover proves as much. Some 50 years later, nobody does!

I grew up with Moore as Bond so he remains my favorite; neck and neck with Connery, who I came to after the fact. But I have to add that I think George Lazenby gets a bad wrap. He would have made a splendid Bond. I also think Daniel Craig has proven he's more than equal to the mantel and legacy of Bond and beyond.

So, worst Bond ever? Timothy Dalton, for my money. Dry, dull and lacking in that essential animal chemistry that will drive the ladies wild.

Anonymous said...

Oh, James...

My past experience watching Bond typically came through those "seven nights with Bond" televison specials. They generally presented the films in some semblence of chronological order. By the end of the week Moore's version looked increasingly like a spoof of Connery's more intense approach on view at the beginning. I agree with Nick's assessment of Lazenby (Dalton too), but Connery is the Bond for me.