Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Week of Movie Watching

3:10 To Yuma – The original, that is. Liked it quite a bit, too. Glenn Ford is quite good as the smugly confident bad guy trying to talk Van Heflin into not risking his life for $200. Heflin is the antithesis of his Shane role. Here he’s reluctant – VERY reluctant to get involved in this mess, but needs the money. It was also nice to see the rich stagecoach owner (Robert Emhardt) not be a caricature for a change.

Spider Man 3 – This is my least favorite of the three Spidey flicks, but it’s still a hoot. I liked Thomas Haden Churchs’ Sandman, but thought the film could have done with a story line or two less.

Charley Varrick – Walter Matthau as a small time hood who picks the absolute worst bank to rob. The first 15 minutes of this set a pretty high standard, but the film never wavers. A great cast of 70’s icons including Joe Don Baker, John Vernon, and Andy Robinson (He was the psycho in Dirty Harry). I had no idea where this film was going, and I love that.

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