Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Week of Movie Watching

A slow week.

Diary of a Country Priest – Robert Bresson’s 1950 examination of a dying priest who tries to maintain his faith in the face of scorn and mistrust amongst his parishioners. Bresson’s films are never easy to get inside of, and this one is more difficult than most. The priest, like all of Bresson’s characters says little, and the viewer has to meet him more than halfway. I liked this one, but I can’t quite put it in the same class as my favorite Bresson films, A Man Escaped and L’Argent.

Ned Kelly – This is the Mick Jagger one from 1970, directed by Tony Richardson. I liked this overall, my main quibble being Jagger’s obvious discomfort with an Irish accent. It’s wonderfully photographed, and Kelly’s Robin Hood-esque story is interesting. Waylon Jennings does the soundtrack.

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