Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Week of Movie Watching

Point Blank – This is the film film buffs point to first when they think of Lee Marvin. Marvin is a hood cutting a bloody swath through the criminal “organization” that betrayed him, stole his money, and left him for dead. Angie Dickinson is here, as is Carroll O’Connor as one of the head baddies. As well, this film stars the twin towers of Canadian villianry – John Vernon and Lloyd Bochner. Marvin is at his gruff, brass-knuckle best here, and his performance is angry, sad, and finally, frustrated. Recommended.

The Human Condition (part 3) – This one delves into the first stages of Kaji’s career in the military, with special focus on how one weak recruit is driven to suicide by his commanding officers. As in the previous segments that I’ve written about, HC goes straight for the jugular in portraying Japanese excesses. Part 3 is also notable for a touching visit to Kaji by his wife. At one point he asks her to stand naked in front of him so he can “Burn the image into his brain.” These two know full well that they may never see one another again, and it lends a somber dignity to the scene.

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