Saturday, October 21, 2006

And Also Starring... (Hitchcock Blog-a-thon)

Leo G. Carroll, Ruth Roman, and Robert Walker in Strangers On a Train

Here’s a trivia question for you. What actor appeared in the most Hitchcock films? (Not counting cameos) James Stewart? Grace Kelly? Cary Grant? Those are all good guesses, but they are also all wrong.

The answer is Leo G. Carroll, who appeared in six films for Hitch. You would likely remember him as Ruth Roman’s senator father in Strangers On a Train, or as the intelligence agent known as The Professor from North By Northwest. The others are Spellbound, Rebecca, Suspicion, and the little-seen The Paradine Case.

Senator Morton in SOAT is notable in that the character isn’t a contrived blowhard mandated by the plot. It would have been way too easy to make him the pompous politician trying to keep his daughter away from the potential murderer (Farley Granger). Instead, Morton supports Granger’s Guy, and works to help him. It’s a refreshing use of a character actor.

Watch for Carroll the next time you watch The Bad and the Beautiful, The House on 92nd Street, or The Parent Trap. He also had a regular gig as Alexander Waverley on TV's The Man from UNCLE.

Part of the Alfred Hitchcock blog-a-thon hosted by Squish at The Film Vituperatum.

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