Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Poets of Filmlight"

Michael Chapman with his dog Eyemo, Los Angeles, 2000

copyright Piotr Jaxa - Photo from the collection "Cinematographers - Poets of Filmlight"

It’s hard to associate the image above with the carnage of films like Raging Bull and Taxi Driver, isn’t it? The grandfatherly Chapman was critical in the success of those two brutal Scorsese masterpieces, and a quick scan of his resume reveals a stunning diversity. There’s the blood and guts of the teenage vampire flick The Lost Boys, and the black and white mastery of Steve Martin’s Noir farce Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. There’s Paul Schrader’s gutter fable Hardcore on one hand, and Kindergarten Cop on another.

Raging Bull, 1980

The Last Detail, 1973 (Thanks to Richard Gibson for this image)

The Lost Boys, 1987

Taxi Driver, 1976

Fingers, 1978

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