Sunday, September 17, 2006

And Also Starring...

Joe Pantoliono has always been always one of those character actor types that you remember. For Joe, it’s that weasely voice that burrows into you gray matter and stays there. He usually plays the type of character, that after you shake hands, you count your fingers.

To me, Joey Pants will always be Caesar from Bound. God, I love this movie. The whole plot is predicated on what Caesar will do after the two lesbian heroes set him up. They have stolen two million dollars of mob money, and Caesar is supposed to run away, because he will be the one to get blamed. Well, Caesar doesn’t do what he is supposed to. He tries to think and bluff his way out of the mess, and in true Hitchcockian fashion, we end up rooting for him. The plot, once it sets in motion, moves at whiplash speed. The guy has no time to think, but he does quite a job of it.

There’s a scene where Caesar kills 3 mobsters in his living room, has the cops in the room within five minutes, and manages to get away with it. How does he do this? Big, brass ones, my friend.

If you haven’t, check it out.

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Squish said...

Bound is not a movie that I remembered very well but after that scene you described, I remember that as being a classic conversational "I saw a movie once where..." pieces.

I do remember enjoying that film very much though. It's hip.