Wednesday, September 27, 2006

On this Date / And Also Starring...

For people around my age, William Conrad was TV’s Cannon, first and foremost. In preparing this post for his birthday on September 27, I was amazed to see what a long and diverse career the man really had.

Trivia Nugget # 1 – Conrad was voice of Matt Dillon on the original Gunsmoke radio program.

That leads me to another bit of info gleaned from IMDb – Conrad appeared in more than 7500 radio programs, and is in the Radio Hall of Fame.

Trivia Nugget # 2 - He was the narrator of The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle.

There is almost nothing that any man could do that would impress me more than that.

The Killers

When my cinematic education began to include a lot of Film Noir, it was a hoot to see Conrad popping up as heavies in various places, like The Killers, Sorry, Wrong Number, and Cry Danger. When Detective Frank Cannon appeared on the scene in 1971, Conrad was already a 25-year veteran of the TV, Radio, and Film industries.

He would have turned 85 today.

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