Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Marquee

The Crimson Skull - 1922

With an "all colored cast". This poster is a relic from an all but forgotten era, when there was a small black film industry running parallel to Hollywood. In those days, mainstream Hollywood mainly confined black performers to small, caricitural, "Stepin Fetchit"-type roles. The black film industry sprang up as a counter-balance, routinely featuring black casts in conventional stories.

In the coming weeks , I'll feature posters and images from the "other" Hollywood. Check out the website Midnight Ramble for more info on this era.


Squish said...

VEry nice study subject Jeff. The only two films I distinctly recall seeing as 'all coloured cast' as empowering and not blaxpoitation are Within Our Gates (1920), the first film directed by an African-American (I reviewed this terrible film actually) and The Wiz (also reviewed, also terrible). I'd like to hear of a couple good ones, i'll be watching!
And since you're such a fan of the marquis, I thought I'd share one I'll be using in an upcoming review. I don't know if you'd use this disco yourself, but I think it's great:

Jeff Duncanson said...

Very cool - I have a soft spot for those big bloated 60's-70's flicks like SG, Omega Man, Westworld,Planet of The Apes, etc.
When I was a kid, those types of films were the coolest thing going.