Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"This nice man is scared of me."

"There must be something wrong with us, to do what we did. ... .... We heard there was $10,000 in that house. Once we tied up everybody and searched all over, I knew the guy that told us about it was wrong. There was no money. Dick wouldn't believe it so he went tearing through the house, banging on the walls, looking for a safe. When he was done, he said he was gonna go up to Nancy's room and have his way with her. I wouldn't allow it. And I told him that. So I sat with her. Dick came up and got me. We turned off the lights and went down to the basement where Mr. Clutter and the boy was. He kept saying, "No witnesses," but I, I figured if I waited him out he'd give up and we'd leave 'em tied up there. And we'd drive all night, they'd never find us. We tied Mr. Clutter's wrists to a pipe over his head. And he looked hurt, so I cut him down. I put a box out there so he'd be more comfortable. He asked how his wife and daughter was and I said they were fine and they were getting ready for sleep, and it wouldn't be long till morning when they'd find them. ... He was just looking at me. Looking into my eyes. Like he expected me to kill him. Like he expected me to be the kind of person who would kill him. I was thinking, this nice man is scared of me. I was so ashamed. I mean, I thought he was a ... very nice...gentle man. And I thought so right up till I slit his throat. ... I didn't know what I did till I heard the sound."



Steve C. said...

Clifton Collins Jr. is the heart and soul of Capote. I love Hoffman, but I don't care what anyone says - that's not his film.

Also, what are you gonna use your gift card for? If I was you, I would give it to an easily-impressed high school female, so that maybe you can get some underage sexy time... but now I've said too much. :-)

Jeff Duncanson said...

You are one sick shit, Mr. Carlson!!! That being said, it's not a bad idea..... ;)

Jeff Duncanson said...

I agree that Collins is superb in this film, and especially in that monologue, but I can't agree with you that it isn't Hoffman's film. I've been a huge fan of this guy ever since Boogie Nights. I love how he emodies the contradiction Capote faces. That he loves this man, but also wants to be famous - And that will only happen if Perry Smith dies. It's just a great,great performance. I might have thought it impossible for an actor to recreate Capotes fey, fussy homosexuality without it looking cartoonish, but Hoffman just nails it.